Footpaths at Whisby Nature Park & Natural World Centre

There are footpaths running throughout the Whisby Nature Park, these are old industrial tracks and clay banks, linking back to the days when the site was used to extract gravel from underground.

Around half of the paths are hard surface, including virtually all of the routes south of the railway.

Waymarkers, made from recycled plastic, are placed on the footpaths to guide visitors safely around one-way routes.

There are over 30 seats and seven bird hides, of which six are adapted for wheel chair access.

Visiting the Reserve.

Made-up hard pathways allowing all-weather access are a feature of the reserve and total over 6 miles, linking with further external paths towards North Hykeham to the east. Wheelchairs have access to most of the reserve. Visitors are free to walk their dog but we ask that they respect discretionary exclusions applying to dog walking at Magpie Walk (seasonal) and Willow Walk (all year). Dogs need not be on a lead on the Thorpe Lake path, but as a courtesy to other visitors, the dogs should be under close control. Fouling can be a problem here when this request is disregarded so co-operation is important. Cycling is not allowed in the reserve.