Tunman Wood

Tunman Wood is a 132.23 acre area of ancient woodland close to Eagle Barnsdale. It sits just outside of Thorpe on the Hill, about seven miles from Lincoln, and is one of the southern most points of countryside that runs right into central Lincoln in the Witham Valley Country Park area.

Tunman Wood was bought from Lafarge Aggregates Limited in February 2009 by a partnership made up of Lincolnshire County Council, North Kesteven District Council and Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust. Though Tunman Wood was planted with coniferous trees by the Forestry Commission from the 1940s, there are still areas dominated by native species including ash, beech, birch and oak.

Tunman Wood is managed by Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust

Tunman Wood is recognised as being ancient woodland (an area where specific plant species are found that indicate its ancient woodland status) it is rich in biodiversity and provides habitats that support a diverse plant, bird and insect population. Tunman Wood has also been selected by the Lincolnshire Biodiversity Partnership as a Local Wildlife Site.

There is no car parking at Tunman Wood and no provision for parking nearby.

The Wood is best visited on foot.

The districtnk visit Lincolnshire ‘Stepping Out’ walks detail 2 walks of 2.8 miles and 3.8 miles that link to Tunman Wood.

 The Wood can also be reached by parking at Whisby Nature Park and following the Public Right Of Way. Check on your map to familiarise yourself with the route before you set off.


How to find us:

Tunman Wood
Eagle Barnsdale

Eagle Barnsdale in just West of Thorpe-on-the-Hill, which is just off the A46 when travelling out of Newark towards Lincoln.