Local Wildlife Site/Nature Conservation Interest Site

The Witham Valley Country Park areas offering the best in local wildlife spotting opportunities are Skellingthorpe Old Wood, Tunman Wood, and Whisby Nature Park.

Skellingthorpe Old Wood is owned by the Woodland Trust and boasts a wide variety of seasonal flora including twayblade, early-purple orchid, and the beautifully fragrant lily-of-the-valley. Historically the site was an important area for butterflies, and a wide variety of other wildlife still exists within the wood, owls can often be heard at dusk and if you are lucky you may glimpse deer.

Existing undisturbed for over 400 years, the ancient woodland environment has allowed a huge range of plants and animals to exist. This now includes around seventy-nine globally threatened and declining species.

Tunman Wood is an ancient woodland and an area where rare plant species are found. The area is rich in biodiversity and provides habitats that support a diverse plant, bird and insect population. Tunman Wood has also recently been selected by the Lincolnshire Biodiversity Partnership as a Local Wildlife Site.

A variety of nature themed events take place throughout the year in the Nature Park at Whisby, to find out more please visit: www.lincstrust.org.uk