Things to do

Whether you fancy a gentle stroll through some beautiful woodland, want to enjoy a wide open trek through a meadow, or take a leisurely walk around a lake, Witham Valley Country Park is just the place for you.

Spread across the city of Lincoln, and the surrounding area to the south-west, we have highlighted some hidden treasures for you, keeping you close to the historical city, yet allowing you to discover its surrounding natural beauty.

There are plenty of locations to do a spot of fishing or birdwatching, sites where you can learn all about the local history and nature, and places to bring your bike, picnic and family.

Many of the parks are dog-friendly, some are even horse-friendly too, and there is the option of Summer games such as bowls, tennis and golf. Carholme Golf Club is an 18 hole parklands course, just south of Lincoln’s West Common. Canwick Park Golf Club is also a fantastic course which is near both the South Common and Cow Paddle.

Keep up-to-date with events and activities and don’t miss out on the regular fairs and circuses. If one day isn’t enough, then why not stay at Hartsholme Country Park in its 4-star rated camp site.

We hope you enjoy exploring Witham Valley Country Park.