Witham Valley Country Park is full of history, during the 13th Century Lincoln was the 3rd largest city in England.

The area is bursting with heritage, character, and charm, with some of its history dating back to Roman and Norman times. Its most famous landmark is the Cathedral, dating from 1092, and the historic Lincoln Castle and The Medieval Bishop’s Palace are located just a few hundred yards away.

Boultham Park used to house Boultham Hall, which was rebuilt in 1874 when it was regularly used for garden parties, galas and fetes. The Hall was demolished in 1959. Hartsholme Country Park also had its own hall, which held a multitude of residents between 1862 and 1957, and was also used to house officers during the war. Hartsholme Hall was demolished before it opened as a public park, but leaves behind beautiful Victorian landscaped gardens in its place.

Explore the historic architecture surrounding the medieval cobbles of the Castle Square, or head down Steep Hill for more historic gems such as The Jews House and High Bridge.

You could also visit The Collection, Lincoln’s museum of art and archaeology where a state of the art building houses a wealth of historic and ancient artefacts as well as installations to investigate.

Find out more about the area’s history, and find links to further information on the Visit Lincolnshire website or the Heritage Connect Lincoln website.