Welcome to Witham Valley Country Park

Connecting and promoting a variety of distinct and individual public green spaces in the heart of Lincolnshire.

Witham Valley Country Park is made up of a number of high quality green spaces in the heart of Lincolnshire. The Country Park is a great place to unwind in beautiful, unspoilt countryside, rich in wildlife and history.

Over the coming years the Witham Valley Country Park project will improve and increase the connections between our green spaces to give you more opportunities to enjoy walking, cycling, horse riding and a wide range of sporting and leisure activities or just to have a fun day out with family and friends.

The park area contains Sites of Special Scientific Interest, Nature Reserves and Local Wildlife Sites, which contain species of flora and fauna that are rare to Lincolnshire. The area is rich in biodiversity and provides habitats that support a diverse plant, bird and insect population, perfect for birdwatching activities.

Witham Valley Country Park has recently benefitted from huge improvements to the play areas in North Kesteven and the City of Lincoln. Other sites within the park area have award winning cafés and new cycle tracks, and footpaths are being improved throughout the Park to improve access and connectivity between areas.

Keep up-to-date with local events such as the circus and local fairs, and find new places to explore with guided walks through these beautiful spaces. For more information about public rights of way and countryside access, please click on the Country Access button below the map.

If you want to cycle around Witham Valley Country Park visit cyclestreets.net to plan your route.

If you dont have a bike or yours is out of action sign up to the hirebike scheme, visit hirebikelincoln.co.uk for further information.

If you would like to find out more,  contact 01529 414155 or e-mail partnershipsteam@n-kesteven.gov.uk.